3D Architectural Rendering

Do you want to design your dream Bungalow or Villa?

Do you want to design your dream Bungalow or Villa?

Then here is a one-stop solution for all your needs. We provide services like 3D perspective Views, 3D Elevation Designing, 3D Designing & Rendering, 3D Interior Designing and Rendering, 3D Floor plans, 3D Cut Section, 3D landscape designing, 3D Walkthrough for Interior & Exterior, 3D Virtual Reality, 3D VR walkthrough, 3D drone walkthrough and 2D Working drawings.



3D Power Visualization provides 3D Elevation Designing service for your dream home in the form of photorealistic images, we call it 3D views& we deliver it in different image formats as per the client’s requirement. It can be a bungalow, villa, farmhouse, twin bungalow, row house etc. We are experts in designing elevations for all types of themes like Modern, ultra-modern, Contemporary, Roman, Indian Traditional, Rajasthani, Roofing/sloping, Palatial, European etc. 3D Power always focuses on making the customer satisfied with the wow factor in every project by giving architectural rendering services.

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BUNGALOW 3D INTERIOR DESIGNing and rednring services

BUNGALOW 3D INTERIOR DESIGNing and rednring services

3D Interior view gives you a clear idea about how your dream interior will look like when it is done. With 3d interior views you can avoid costly mistakes that will increase the value of your home. This will help you in spending the money more efficiently. These views could tell you if there is something right or wrong with a space.

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3D Cut sections show an ideal living area that is fully-colored, fully-furnished and realistic. Accurate floor plans provide a life touch to the interiors of your design & help you to visualize every corner detail of the internal villa.

Cut sections give a clear view about the internal layout of the furniture and its orientation. It helps to get an idea about the internal layout of the project. It is mainly used by the builders and real estate companies for their brochures which help their customers to understand the interior layout and plan of the building. It also helps individual clients to see his/her villa location properly.

2D Working Drawings

2D Working Drawings

We prepare all technical drawings to execute the elevation on site as per the 3D views provided. The drawing consists of detail dimensions for projects shown in the elevations in CAD or PDF file format. Also you get the required material details for your project elevation.

3D Bungalow Presentation

3D Bungalow Presentation

Bungalow Designing Process


  • Sanctioned floor plans – Sketch-up /CAD/PDF files
  • Sections/floors drawing
  • Existing Site pictures if any
  • Sketches by architects.


  • You can mail your project details with the requirements.
  • Based on that we study the plans and provide you quotations.
  • We need approval to start the project by confirmation mail with 50% of payment
    in advance.
  • Updated work progress will be communicated with the client at regular intervals.
  • Rough 3D views with tag on it will be given to the client for finalization of
    textures, colours, lights and structure details.
  • The final rendering will proceed with clients’ feedback along with balance
    50% payment.
  • The colour option and high resolution tag less images will be sent after the
    finalization of the elevations.
  • Final prints will be given to the client’s given address through courier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wide range of Questions answered by us are at your service!

Q. Ok, I want to design my project. But why should I hire 3D Power for that?

We provide newest designing trends with the mixture of finest quality output, best competitive prices, timely delivery, quick responses, technically correct output and online technical support at the time of execution.

Q. Do you work in India only?

Not only we cover all the regions of India but we work outside India too.

Q. Do you do the changes? If yes, then how much time does it take to have the changes done?

The changes suggested by you are welcome. It should not hamper the given elevation themes. The time period required to provide the updated views will be directly proportional to the changes received.

Q. Do the designs provided by you have the basis of the legal government rules?

Yes, they are based on the legal government rules. We need your location’s legal permission norms.

Q. How many colour options you could provide us?

We give 2 colour options for the exterior projects.

Q. Do you give the plans of your previously done projects?

No, we don’t provide its plans. We can provide you the designing of our project liked by you on the same theme line based on your plans.

Q. Can 3D power provide me planning too?

Exterior and interior elevations of the projects are designed by us. We don’t deal with planning.

Q. What is the basic rate charged by you?

The scope of work and area of the project play a vital role in the estimation of a given project.

Q. Can you explain your payment norms?

50% advance should be deposited before the project starts and remaining 50% before the final delivery.

Q. How many options do you provide for the project?

We design one elevation theme for the project based on your choice image. For the 2nd elevation option, the additional quotation will be charged.

Q. How will I get the working details for elevation?

The working details for the elevation will be given in 2D CAD format. If required we can give it in PDF or JPEG format also.