about us

  • about us

    It happens thousands of times each week – a client receives an elevation from a 3d power visualization – but each interaction is unique.

    It’s just a moment in time – just one finger reaching over the keyboard to send a 3d rendered elevation to another outstretched eye with a glee in it for enchanting output.

    But it’s a connection.

    We make sure everything we do honors that connection – from our commitment to the highest quality of 2d, 3d & walkthrough services in the world, to the way we engage with our clients and communities to do business responsibly.

    From our beginnings as a single proprietor over 12 years ago, in every place that we've provided the service, and every place that we design, we've tried to make it a little better than we found it.

    To say 3d power praises its own high-quality designing is very true. The reason of it is that, what we do – is not work its passion for us..

    Our 3d rendering studio has become a beacon for designing lovers everywhere. Why do the aesthetic lovers insist on 3d power?

    Well..! Because they know they can count on genuine service, an professional atmosphere, personal assistance and a superb piece of design expertly handled and technically proven in the form of 3d rendered output every time.



  • expect more than 3D

    We’re not just passionate purveyors of concept designs & 3d walk-through, but everything else that goes with, a full and rewarding designing house experience. We also offer a selection of Interactive (2D) animation, Graphic design and other many more designing services to please your all designing requirement under one roof. Check out our services section for descriptive information.


  • the creative team

    It’s not unusual to see creative’s coming to 3D power for work discussion, meet up, or just for chat. We’re a neighborhood gathering place, a part of the daily routine – and we couldn't be happier about it. Get to know us and you’ll see: we are so much more than what we brew.

    The atmosphere at 3d power’s designing studio is field with perfect musical environment & freedom of expression for the creative’s to work, explore, discuss, experiment and execute the project at its par excellence. Our regular training sessions with expertise people of the industry. Discussion places for our creative nuts to execute every project uniquely.

    Every person on floor in full of energy and creativity and every morning ignited to take new experience. Ready to burn the floor with their marvelous ideas and techniques.

    "Let us put our creativity and 3D experience at your service".

  • our founders

    The day he founded the company and today’s date, the fire in him is unstoppable. A self driven & motivated person who is just doesn't love his work & people; he adores them more than himself. We call him RK, the iron man with futuristic & creative vision. Ranjit’s entrepreneurial spark found expression when he founded 3D Power in 2001. Result-oriented with strong analytical and interpersonal skills. He is a communicator with a no-nonsense approach. Finance is his forte and his client servicing skills are a part of 3D Power. The force behind designing, promotion, research and development, He is driven by his bigger dream & passion towards his mission. People do wonder about his dreams, what’s his dream client satisfaction or to enroll the company with big brands??? Ranjit brings a rock solid designing & visualizing skills and an innate marketing wisdom to the table. His dream and mission is to create second designing hub at Aurangabad. 3D power is full with people like him who are creative & self driven. The company which carries its own company culture, company policies & its missions.

  • our proud clientele


    Established in early 2001, ‘3D Power’ quickly leapt to the forefront of the market. And today we are one of the leading companies located in India.

    We, at 3D Power have assisted all leading architects, builders, property developers, and interior designers of the world.

    In all areas of our business, we are quality driven, fast and extremely price competitive. This is just possible because of our team of expertise and our constant efforts to achieve perfections within time span.

    From building to bridges, interiors to exteriors we assisted architects and designers to promote and communicate their ideas effectively and beautifully using 3D visualization and Architectural illustration. We will never consider a job complete until you the client, express your satisfaction with the end result.


    Our clients:-


    As we walked, ran, skipped, and at times roared through ten years, we had the opportunity to associate with an array of extremely interesting people & brands. Some of them included in following list.


    Client list :-